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Event date: 1th - 3rd, Nov. 2019 (Friday to Sunday)

Please note: Not every artists are showing for 3 days. If you are coming for any artist in particular, don’t miss the right date.

木工市集 第十回 展出時間:11月1-3號 (五六日)

例如「一種貓工作室」為五、六展出 //

For example, this artist is not showing on Sunday.

一種貓工作室 (accessories)

或「鄭藝製作所」會來三天 //

Another example, this artist will be showing for 3 days.

鄭藝製作所 (wood-turning)


白石蜂業 (beekeeper)

JB sign painting & pinstriping Studio

道木藝術木作 (wood-turning)

馬爹木雕 (carving)

一起 · 吵 (printmaking)

幸福痛 (accessories)

德寶x魯班 (wood finishing)

十四木作 (tableware) ※跨五、日

魚老闆 (carving)

Taiwanish (home objects)

海灘小鋪 (tableware)

紙布家 (paper fabric products)

恰好日日梳 (hair brushes)

Common People Ceramics

三郎木作 (boxes)

三文木作 (tableware)

倉禾工具屋 (tools)

羽晨 (embroidery)

羅爸木工屋 (toys)

木耕工坊 (boxes)

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook or E-mail !


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No.65-1, Ln. 51, Jiancheng St., Taiping 
Dist., Taichung City 411, Taiwan

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